Saturday, August 1, 2009

Treasure Box Collage

This is a simple kids collage project that has beautiful results. Start with an inexpensive frame, I painted this one black, and discard the glass. I use a very thick hand made paper (because I like the texture) to hot glue to the back of the frame. You could also use cardboard or any other strong backing.
I have a treasure box, my box of found objects, little odds and ends, sequins, buttons, shells, coins, etc....
I hand out a small pile of items to each child, then while they are working I let each of them come and pick out a few special pieces from my treasure box.
White glue works to hold the objects.
I like to accent with a little glitter.
The glitter is sprinkled on the collage and sticks to the extra glue on and around objects.

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